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Our bales at Hay USA Inc. are 15 in x 22 in x 44 in, weighing about 120 - 140 pounds. Cattle ranches use large round bales, typically 4 to 6 feet in diameter and weighing from 1000 to 2000 lb. Good average protein on horse quality Alfalfa hay is 17 to 19%. The actual compressed bale is around 50 lbs. I split open the bale and let it uncompress. The insides were very green. The Standlee flakes stay together and are just as heavy as regular flakes This flake of compressed hay that I have on my forearm is as heavy as a regular flake - seriously!. Therefore, horse owners should consider alternate forage sources such as hay cubes, dehydrated alfalfa pellets and completely pelleted feeds for their horses during times of hay shortages. Many popular "junior" and "senior" feeds for growing and geriatric horses, respectively, are in a form called "completely pelleted". Ametza Compressed Alfalfa Hay Bale Horse Forage, 50-lb bale By Ametza 22 Reviews 4 Answered Questions $29.95 $28.45 Autoship (Save an extra 5%) Choose Autoship at checkout for regular deliveries. Why Autoship? FREE access to chat with licensed vets 7 days a week. Save 5% on all future Autoship orders. A blend of Timothy and orchard grass hay for all classes of horses. Guaranteed Analysis. Crude Protein (min.) 8.00%; Crude Fat (min.) 2.50%; Crude Fiber (max.) 30.00%; Ingredients (Free from Restricted Ruminant Protein Products per Title 21, CFR 589.2000/2001) Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass and Glycerin. CHC Douliere Hay France bales are calibrated, compressed, palletized and filmed. Our different bales formats are bound using polyane string. Palletizing under film or netting. This new product is delivered to you on a pallet of 24 to 48 bales by 27t truck or 40 ″ 27t container. CHC Bales : Calibrated High Compression Bales. Browse search results for timothy hay bales Garden ... 50 bale truck load of 4X4 Round Bales of Orchard Timothy Red Clover Horse/Cow Hay @ $29 per bale fob barn in East... Garden & House Beaumont 29 $ View pictures. ALFALFA (MIDLAND) 2-STRAND TIMOTHY ORCHARD BALES ***** COMPRESSED ORHCARD GRASS HAY BALES ***** 4X6 HAY. Tips for Feeding Compressed Bales Always feed by weight not volume. Feed 1.5-2.5% of body weight in forage per day. For a 1000 lb horse, that’s approximately 15-25 lbs per horse per day. Standlee compressed bales weigh approximately 50 lbs per bale, but will vary slightly so always weigh your horse’s forage.

4x4x8 hay bale weighs around 1800 to 2000 lbs. Farmers usually have a hard time knowing how much do their bale of hays weighs. It is a crucial aspect of farming and mastering it results in efficient management, especially in the winter season when pastures do not provide enough for the animals to graze. Knowing if you have enough fodder for all. This is then compressed and sectioned into a manageable size package which is roughly 1/3 size of a conventional bale but still 20kg. Fresh hay provides a high level of natural fibre which is essential for a healthy digestive system. When feeding your horse, feed the same weight of hay that you would normally use from uncompressed bales bales. Model of the stomach from a mature horse next to 10 lbs of hay and 3 lbs of concentrate. The small inelastic stomach of the horse is poorly suited to consuming a meal of this size at one time. Growth Stage Affects Forage Quality Of all the factors affecting nutritional quality of alfalfa hay for horses, "stage of maturity" at harvest is the. Looking for Hay/Straw Small Squares bales Please text or reply to ad with price Looking for 10 bales. remiummixed green hay for sale 2021. Grassland · $180. ... Horses (2) Apply Horses filter ; Household Items (2) Apply Household Items filter ; Paintball and Airsoft (2). Oxbow Animal Health Organic Meadow Hay - All Natural Hay for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters & Gerbils. (2203) $4.79 ($0.32/oz) Climate Pledge. Dec 16, 2021. #20. MuddyFarms said: The compressed bale of hay is just a regular bale that was pressed even tighter together. It takes up less space, but expands to normal bale-size when you cut the strings. The compressed blocks. We carry many different types of quality hay. We also stock high quality western hay from Standlee Hay Company in both pellets and compressed hay bales and we are now carrying Chaffhaye forage. Supplements, Tack & Supplies . We. Chopped Hay for Senior Horses: Benefits Because it comes in much smaller pieces, a horse doesn’t need to put as much effort into chewing chopped hay. But, eating chopped hay should still cause a horse to salivate enough for him to maintain his gastric health.. Chopped Hay for Senior Horses: Where To Find It Chopped hay is pricey, but it’s not hard to find.

Price Per Ton. $380. New Location: Paragonah I-15 Exit 95. Grain Mini Cubes : $360, Hay Mini Cubes $360. By Appointment only, Contact (435)-572-0217. Standlee Premium Western Forage creates compressed bales of forage from a large 4'x4'x8' bale that is put through a press, sliced horizontally, pushed onto a scale, weighed, compressed and then banded. Alfalfa forage is low in sugar, moderately high in protein, high in calories and digestible fiber. is your one stop shop for finding Hay For Sale in Oregon. ... PRF Insurance; Hay for Sale in Oregon. Alfalfa/Orchard Mix Hay. Joseph, Oregon. Naturally grown Orchard/Alfalfa Hay, 6 string big bales 3×4 stored inside on plastic. ... $ 170.00. per Bale. 200 Bales Available. Orchard Grass Hay. sisters, Oregon. 2022 1st cutting orchard. Standlee Premium Grab & Go Compressed Orchard Grass, Bale. Approximately 50 lbs. Premium Orchard Grass Compressed Bales are formed by allowing Standlee Premium Western Forage® to grow to the proper stage of maturity, cutting the plants, allowing them to sun-cure (dry) to an acceptable moisture level and baling the forage at the optimal time. Buy tightly compressed bales, preferably wrapped in plastic or netting, as plastic is better than twine to prevent spreading as the bale ages. Loose bales tend to sag, increasing the amount of hay that is in contact with the ground. Use a round bale feeder. Studies at the University of Minnesota showed waste was greatly decreased when a feeder. We carry many different types of quality hay. We also stock high quality western hay from Standlee Hay Company in both pellets and compressed hay bales and we are now carrying Chaffhaye forage. Supplements, Tack & Supplies . We. High fibre feed block Suitable for horses in light/ medium work Low in natural su.. £4.78 Ex VAT: ... Simple System Lucie Brix is made up of premium Lucerne that has been compressed into 1kg bricks. T.. £20.42 Ex VAT: £20.42. Add to Wish List. ... (£7.46 per bale if you order 48, £7.62 if you order 36 Bales) £7.78. Looking for quality hay nearby? Start Here. Featured Listings. Bermuda Grass Hay. Baoz, Alabama | $70.00 per Bale. See Listing. Bluestem Grass Hay. league city, Texas | $80.00 per Bale. See Listing. Alfalfa/Grass Mix Hay. Memphis, Missouri | $5.00 per Bale. See Listing. Alfalfa/Grass Mix Hay. Britton, Michigan | $7.00 per Bale. See Listing.

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